Learning more than music

Anneka behind the PianoEasy program

What happens in the early stages of the wonderful PianoEasy program?

      • PianoEasy become familiar with the mechanics of the piano and how the keys, strings, pedal and dampers work;
      • PianoEasy players learn how to work best with their bodies in order to make the most beautiful music on this instrument (that isn’t very easy to adjust to your body);
      • PianoEasy players become thoroughly familiar with that wonderful “2 blacks 3 blacks” pattern and soon learn all the twelve note names around tho…

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How pianos became what they are today


A piano is an incredible invention! Its design has been perfected over hundreds of years and continues to be improved upon even now.

Before humans had anything recognisable as a piano, we had the harpsichord and hammered dulcimer.

The harpsichord is like a piano in that it has a keyboard and strings, but the strings are plucked instead of hammered so it produces a very different sound.

The hammered dulcimer is like a piano because, as the name suggests, the strings are hammered. This produces…

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mceclip0 (2)

Being able to make things up as we go along is a great skill to have in life, and it's equally important in playing piano. A great example of that happened at a Ray Charles concert in 1958 when Charles and his band had played all of their songs and still had time to spare - he improvised a song he called "What'd I say?", which some say was the first soul song. It became so popular that he ended all of his performances with it from then on.

Some piano players (like Ben Folds) make up whole songs…

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Purple with pride

PianoEasy kids played the Freo Dockers song today in support of our city’s team winning the prelim finals… GO DOCKERS

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The Empty Road Project

The PianoEasy “Empty Road” project is an initiative to help people with mental health difficulties find joy making music.

This song “Empty Road” was written by WAM nominee and PianoEasy student Lily Kate. It says “Life does not have to be an empty road. Sometimes it’s best to know that you have a song. Follow me and you can sing my song. It won’t go on for long. Life is a song”. Please contact Anneka if you would like to benefit from or contribute to this initiative.

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