How to get there


 With PianoEasy you learn a lot. Within a few months people are playing around with their repertoires, making up their own blues or working with all their chords playing pop songs. Some people may already be composing their own song. Within two terms some people are doing lots of improvising; with the blues, with our jazz chords, with all those flat and minor chords. Within a year people are also reading quite advanced pieces and no one’s repertoire is the same. Within two years PianoEasy players are as varied as countries in the world. Their styles of playing are different, their choices of pieces are different, their sources (sheet music, chords, aural, YouTube) are different. Their repertoires, their improvising and their compositions are as individual as the people themselves. Pretty much NOBODY does ALL of those things.

Even though we all learn with the same PianoEasy program, everyone develops to their own unique perfection.

In traditional education people commonly do units or levels, and they have to pass them. Often they do exams and if you don’t pass the imposed parameters, YOU MAY FAIL! That’s not how PianoEasy works. PianoEasy is more like nature. There are trees and plants and bushes, flowers and grass, all growing out of the same soil, getting the same water. They say you don’t judge fish by their ability to climb trees. With PianoEasy you don’t get judged at all; we just share and enjoy.

Look at how kids learn a language. They are immersed in words. They may hear some language that is totally adapted to them; a parent smiling and going “babababa”, but they also hear their siblings fight, their parents have a conversation, the news in the background, a song on the radio, the neighbours dropping by to complain about something, someone yelling out on the street. They may not understand most of that, but, lo and behold, over time they become fine speakers. Usually, they learn to read and write too. Some write poetry, some read the news, some tell rude jokes, some talk your ears off, some listen and don’t say much, some love singing, some love writing, some love reading, some love performing, some love other languages, some love watching and listening to tv. Language is serving everyone well, and it is serving everyone in a myriad of unique ways.

Music is the same. Feeling that you need to be on top of everything PianoEasy offers creates a completely unnecessary pressure. If you’re not sure of all your chords yet, if you are not as fast a reader as others, if you have never changed a song, are behind on learning the last few pieces or you have never composed something YOU ARE NOT FAILING. You are just that wonderful you that I love, with whatever background, interests, strengths, time constraints, sensitivities and insensitivities you have. We don’t tell babies off if they don’t speak properly. We don’t need them to pass one aspect of language before we expose them to the next. We laugh if they stuff up and we adore their differences as they grow up. We need to do the same to ourselves. Truly, PianoEasy player, all you need to do is rejoice in how much you have learned. Remain in an environment where your musical skills are nurtured, DOn’t quIT and, low and behold, you will become the wonderful and unique piano player that is you!


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