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These are some of the things people most commonly ask us.


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Do you think I can learn to play the piano?


In 30 years there has not been one PianoEasy student that couldn’t learn how to play!

Older people do well, because they have so much learning experience and often they have a bit more time. Young people do well because they learn fast.

People that don't consider themselves good learners discover the joy of progress. And it's in the nature of pianos and the design of the PianoEasy program that even beginning players quickly sound good already.

If you want to get really good you have to make a bit of a commitment and put time in.

Do I have to sing?


If you want to...

Singing is our birth right and the instrument that we can already play without any further tools. You don’t have to sing well though. You can sing badly or out of tune, or in a whispery voice. It’s so great when within a year you can accompany yourself and others to any song that you can sing; you don’t want to miss out on that fun! (For those not keen on singing yet, we do plenty of instrumental songs though. Movie themes, blues improvisation, classical, jazz and you'll learn how to sound out and play the melody with the right hand while you’re using chords in the left.)

I don't have a piano / keyboard yet. Can I start already?

Learning the piano is the most fun if you have something to play on. And the better an instrument you have, the better your technique and the greater your pleasure will be. You can get some ideas on what sort of instrument to get in this blog.

In the meantime, you could print off these TWO keyboards (Left Side and Right Side) and sticky tape them together. If you haven't logged in yet, please email me, and I can send them to you. Now you can learn your first PianoEasy song "Raindrops" (without the sound though and the tactile experience). But you'll get the idea of how wonderfully that pattern of two black, three black works and when you get your piano or keyboard you'll be able to play a song!

PianoEasy Keyboard 1 - Left Side - Print outPianoEasy Keyboard 2 - Right Side - Print out and sticky tape??!

Do we learn to read?

Very much so.

Reading (and writing!) is a wonderful skill, which allows you to access other people’s music and for music to be stored without having to memorise it. Traditional players often comment that reading music becomes much easier and makes more sense once they learn with PianoEasy.

Are there PianoEasy exams?

No exams.

You’ll know how you’re doing from experiencing your increased ability and knowledge, from seeing how your piano repertoire is growing and how you’re getting more and more “safe pieces” that you can trot out any time. You’ll notice how over time you’ll be able to tackle more and more advanced music. PianoEasy does nurture opportunities for sharing your music, encouraging piano clubs, play dates and piano parties.

How long does it take?

It takes the rest of your life.

There’s always more music to learn, but you’ll find that it’s about the journey, not the destination.

Do you have a question?

Feel free to send your questions to me and I'll see if I can answer it. You never know, it might even make it to this page.

Thank you so much for getting in touch. I'll be sure to get back to you with an answer as soon as I can. In the meantime, please feel free to keep exploring the PianoEasy site.