The Joys and Challenges of Getting Back To Learning Piano

Piano Hand Reaching Computer PianoEasy course - Marketing

Thinking about joining, but still feeling unsure?

- That's understandable!

When is the last time that you decided to start learning something new?

If you have been focussing on a career, or raising kids it might have been quite a while. You might wish you could play an instrument, but there is a chorus of voices in your head of why not to get back to piano. "I'm too old to learn something new", "I don't have time for it", or "I was never good at it in the first place".

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How Long Does It Take To "Speak Music"?

Nicole and daughter

How did you get so good at speaking English? Duh? By speaking it! To start off you were immersed in language. Your parents said "hello little sweetheart", but you also heard your siblings fight and overheard adult conversations, or the news in the background. Well, with music, that bit, learning to recognise and understand, you have already passed with flying colours! You have been exposed to lots of styles and songs, you know exactly what you like and you can hear instantaneously if there is a …

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