PianoEasy, The Ultimate Online Piano Course

Learn to play by doing it! Ten songs in your first ten lessons, all your chords and much more.

Whether you've played piano before or are just discovering this beautiful instrument, the PianoEasy online course is perfect for everyone!

PianoEasy brings out all your musicianship with your own great repertoire and all music making skills, including reading, writing, composing and improvising literally at your fingertips.

Access thousands of hours of online video lessons, with support from a real teacher every step of the way.

A Proven Approach

Getting started as an adult can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be – at all!
I have successfully taught hundreds of students of every age how to play and enjoy the piano.

You'll find that the hardest thing actually is.... STARTING. Get past that, and you'll have everything to gain!

More than mindset

Pianos are the best instrument to learn music on. This program is designed to help you overcome any hesitance or concerns you may have about your musicality. It's empowering!

Guided support from a real teacher

Learn with simple to follow videos and support from a real teacher.

You'll be delighted how quickly you'll be playing your first songs, and how effortlessly you'll pick up all music theory.

Vibrant community

Not only do you get access to our proven course content - You also become part of our vibrant online community who are here to help and support you and everyone else on your journey!

Why PianoEasy?

  • Comprehensive, step by step, #1 rated online piano course around, with over a 1000 HOURS of lesson materials.
  • Take classes at your own pace, from home and flexible to your lifestyle.
  • Start from the beginning, no experience needed.
  • Or with previous experience, learn to play the piano better than you ever thought possible.
  • Learn chordstheoryreadingwriting, arranging and improvising.
  • Play every style imaginable, from classical to blues, from pop to jazz music.
  • Every lesson includes a personal instruction video from Accredited Master Educator Anneka Pearton (BA Hons), sheet music and print outs.
  • Connect with other PianoEasy students, share your experience, get tips and become part of the PianoEasy community.  

Pick the price option that best fits your needs!

Monthly Subscription


A$59 Paid Each 4 Weeks


  • Learn 10 Songs in 10 lessons
  • Printable lesson materials and music for all songs
  • Easy to follow video lessons
  • Join the PianoEasy online community
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Extended Subscription


A$210 Paid For Four Months


  • Learn 10 Songs in 10 lessons
  • Printable lesson materials and music for all songs
  • Easy to follow video lessons
  • Join the PianoEasy online community

10% discount off the monthly subscription price

Yearly Subscription


A$528 Paid Annually


  • Everything in the monthly subscription
  • Pay for a year, get 3 months free

25% discount off the monthly subscription price

Learn By Playing

If you're someone who learns by doing, this is a the course for you! Right from the beginning you will work with how pianos work, helping you develop excellent technique. You'll learn everything by playing and learning songs, including intervals, chords, reading, improvising and even arranging your own pieces!

Reading Made Easy

PianoEasy bring in the reading as soon as people know their notes and chords. This is much more natural and effective than when piano teachers used to teach music by teaching people how to read first. If reading seems daunting or if you've struggled to learn it in the past: don't stress! The PianoEasy method makes this simple and easy to understand. You'll be a pro reader in no time!

Long Term Understanding

In the long term you will learn everything there is to playing the piano and appreciating music. You will understand the theory of what you're playing and why it sounds and works like that, but always explained in context of the songs you're learning.

Case Studies

The online classes have been created from highly successful group courses that have been running for more than 20 years!

In that time, we've had everyone from school-age children, piano novices and music professionals join the course and loving it! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PianoEasy Method?

The PianoEasy method teaches you by doing. By playing, listening and learning to break down songs into chords and patterns, you’ll understand the mechanisms behind how music works.

This makes it easier to master. People progress much faster than with traditional methods.

What songs will I learn?

All styles!

You'll start with some nice pattern based songs and songs with easy chords. Soon you'll have a repertoire including pop music like "Mad World" and "Hallelujah", classical music, like a version of Debussy's Clair De Lune, some blues, some jazz. Not only will you learn loads of pieces, but you'll learn how you can play them in many different ways.

Will I learn reading and theory?


Reading (and writing!) is a wonderful skill, which allows you to access other people’s music and for music to be stored without having to memorise it. Traditional players often comment that reading music becomes much easier and makes more sense once they learn with PianoEasy.

You will also learn all your chords and scales, not as a prerequisite to being able to play, but by applying them in the great songs you're playing.

What if I've played the piano before?

This course is suitable to all levels! People who have played before often enjoy revisiting and adding to skills and concepts that they might have previously missed. They commonly love having access to the extra videos that show how pieces can be played in more advanced ways.

What style of piano will I learn?

You'll learn all styles; classical, pop, blues and jazz, as well improvising, accompaniment, arranging and composing. There’s something for everyone. In the long run people usually become quite different players, depending on what their interests are and what styles they invest themselves in.

What do I need for the course?

You’ll need a computer or a device to access the course materials and a piano or keyboard to play on.

We'll supply the rest.

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Are you signing your child up for online classes?

We've got a course tailored especially for kids aged 7 - 11. 

We think you'll love it and so will your kids.


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    “I don't know why I always stalled pursuing this dream. I can't believe how much I have learned already. This course is AMAZING!”

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    “I can't overstate how great the results in following the simple steps in this course have been. I played guitar for 10 years, but in half a year with PianoEasy I am a better musician than I ever was before.”

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    “This course is so enjoyable. I can't stop playing.”

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    “We have been learning together, playing for each other. It turns out Brian is a great improvisor, while I particularly love playing and singing. Music is the greatest joy!”

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    “As a busy mum I don't get to go out much, so it is wonderful to be able to learn from home whenever I want to.”

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    “Never thought I would be playing the piano so quickly. Honestly, this method is brilliant!”

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