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Adults Course Kids Course

We are starting  3 weekly group classes for adults and 2 for kids next week. If you want to join in, or just find out more, sign up here to the free Introduction Lesson this Saturday 22 February at 2.15 p.m. with Anneka

PianoEasy is a wonderful and comprehensive music program, which has adults and kids learn everything about playing the piano or keyboard in record time, while learning loads of great pieces.

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Three amazing things about the PianoEasy way to learn the piano.

Learn Quickly.

In a relatively short time you will have the tools to pretty much play anything you like, including popular tunes, classics, blues and jazz.

You'll learn how to improvise, compose, arrange and read and write music. Keep going and you will grow to your own unique musical perfection, mastering whatever "rocks your piano boat"

Fun Filled Piano.

PianoEasy brings back old fashioned “fun around the piano with others”.

Learning piano with and for others is way more fun, inspiring and motivating. And you will become a much better player that way! Right from the beginning you'll find that everyone is different and perfect in their individual tastes, learning styles and musical expression.

Making Music Is Empowering.

PianoEasy connects the knowledge and movement of your body with our wonderful instrument: the piano.

Starting with that brilliant 2 black 3 black pattern on the piano that our brains can work with so easily and understanding how the piano produces sound will help you obtain a beautiful relaxed playing technique that leads to an ease in playing complex pieces very soon.

Learn music by playing music.

There is no better instrument to learn music on than the piano, with that wonderful visual piano landscape of two black, three blacks. It's that pattern that makes it ...

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PianoEasy classes.

Like with language, music is best learned with others. It's more fun and you'll become a much better player that way. Find yourself some people to learn with and ...

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Never buy a piano at IKEA.

Find out why in my TEDx Fremantle talk. 

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  • “I dreamed of playing the piano all my life. When I found the PianoEasy method I knew this was the way to go. Within a few months I was playing ten songs, including my favourite Nick Cave song and some old classical pieces I have always loved. The PianoEasy approach makes learning fun and easy. It’s wonderful!”


  • “All lessons are excellent and fun and I can now play the piano easily and loving it. PianoEasy is wonderful!!”


  • “We can’t believe how well this program works. Our daughter is only 7 years old and within weeks of lessons she was playing and singing songs at the local pub, in front of 80 people who thought she was absolutely amazing. And so were all her classmates, all confidently playing their beautiful repertoire.”


  • “5 stars. I enjoy all the classes and learning with friends. Help is always available. Small class and lovely place to learn piano.”


  • “Anneka has given me the gift of music through her PianoEasy course and I will be grateful for that my entire life.”


  • “I learned the piano with PianoEasy for the last six years and I can’t think I could in any way have had a more thorough or more enjoyable musical education. This year I was accepted into several conservatories around Australia.”


  • “Sometimes parents want their children to take music lessons because they always wished they could play themselves. I decided to learn to play the piano myself instead, as part of “having time for myself”. But I found that with me enjoying playing so much, the children all learned as well and making music has become a household value for everyone. We now never have a party without the piano being played.”


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