Put On Your Blues Shoes!

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Hold on to your seats (and listen for that I IV V, some grace notes and riffs):

Solo piano; young Luka Sestak (a few years ahead for most of you).

Here is Diana Krall, playing a blues in Bb “Baby Baby, One More Time"

Pinetop Perkins: Slow blues 

Sweet Home Chicago

Here is Elvis playing Blue Suede Shoes, (he is using A, D and E for his I, IV and V chords.)

Oscar Peterson C Jam Blues

Stormy Monday T Bone Walker

I like this Stormy Monday by Rose Winters too:

And by Johnny Johnson

Eric Clapton Have You Ever Loved A Woman

Nat King Cole; Route 66 (using G, C, D as his I, IV and V)

Clint Eastwood can play (you can really get lost in a YouTube spiral with his piano blues documentary too):

And some faster ones:

Blues brothers: Jail House Rock

Jerry Lee Lewis: Great Balls of Fire

Shake a tailfeather!

Anneka “Wildfingers" McPearton


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