Pianos are your friend

GREEN PIANO LOVE new video thumb nail photoshopped

Need a few reasons why pianos are the best instrument there is?

  • Pianos are there for you whether you’re happy or sad or however you feel.
  • Pianos connect you with other people, and people from other places and times.
  • Pianos don’t judge you.
  • Pianos make you sound good.
  • Pianos are easy to learn to play, but impossible to outgrow.
  • Pianos don’t get smelly when they get a work out.
  • You don’t need to give up piano when you get old.
  • Pianos don’t want to talk about football.
  • Pianos don’t get lost easily.
  • Pianos don’t get upset if you leave them home for a holiday.
  • Pianos have 2500 working parts (; - don’t buy one from IKEA)
  • Pianos don’t need to be upgraded every three years.
  • You can’t play a false note on a tuned piano.
  • Pianos, never, don’t want to be your piano any more or run off with another piano.
  • Pianos don’t crash.
  • Pianos sound nice.
  • Pianos don’t laugh when you make mistakes.
  • Pianos keep your whole body active; your arms, hands, feet, torso, hips, eyes, ears, brain.
  • Pianos raise your IQ by 7 points.
  • Pianos can be shared, and they can be enjoyed in private.
  • Pianos stave off Alzheimer’s.
  • Pianos are like five instruments simultaneously; bass, chords, melody, embellishment, percussion.
  • Pianos don’t care what you look like or how old you are.
  • You don’t need to clean up after a piano.
  • Pianos are nice to look at.
  • Pianos don’t bite you when you jump in the water.
  • Pianos don’t push political opinions.
  • Pianos don’t go to sleep when you want to have fun.
  • A piano always wants to play.
  • Pianos are your friend.


Damodara O'malley

Yes this is right!

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Mary Outh-Aut

I agree with all of the above, especially them not wanting to talk about football!

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Trish Hibberd

I love that. Thank you Anneka 💗

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