PIANOEASY is a super exciting and comprehensive music program, which has adults and kids learn everything about playing the piano / keyboard in record time, while learning loads of great pieces. It brings back old fashioned “fun around the piano with others” and is a total overhaul of traditional music education. It draws on all the advances of the internet of visual presentation and sharing, providing free video links with re-caps of every lesson, and bypasses traditional teaching techniques that many students didn’t enjoy, like doing exams, learning by reading first and practising scales.

All PianoEasy players learn cool music of all kinds very quickly, using their natural physical skills and understanding of tone and rhythm. The piano keyboard is the interface connecting keys, hammers and strings with players’ minds, fingers, hearts and bodies. PianoEasy nurtures a beautiful relaxed playing technique leading to an ease in playing complex pieces in the long run.

In a relatively short time PianoEasy players have the tools to pretty much play anything they like, including popular tunes, classics, blues and jazz. They learn to improvise, compose, read and write music and over time PianoEasy players stand out for being excellent musicians, as well as grasping advanced musical theory.

This is a video of 100 Fremantlites playing at our end of year PianoEasy celebration!


Latest News:

FREE INTRODUCTION LESSON this Sunday 23/7 at 2.00 p.m. at the PianoEasy Music School, 92 Adelaide St, Fremantle. Even if you have never played the piano in your life you’ll learn your first beautiful two handed song! Come along and you can bring your friends too.

Also, limited places are still available for two new kids classes starting soon. Please ring Kirsten or Anneka for more information on 0448 609 049.


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