Reading Projects - Old Songs

Welcome to this page that is going to help you become a music reading NINJA!!!

Choose your favourite, grab the sheet music and use the video to help you make sense of all those notes!

Search for Anchor Notes, Intervals, Staves, Black Notes and Rhythm Values. Your body will help you remember, while your brain will help you see!


  1. Watch this How To Read It Video and see if you can read this first "Mystery Song"...
  2. Claude's Moon and Claude's Moon Embellished Sheet Music and How To Read It Video
  3. Down Down Blues Sheet Music and How To Read It Video
  4. Romance Sheet Music and How To Read It Video
  5. Nothing Is Sure Sheet Music and Nothing Is Sure Second Verse and How To Read It Video
  6. Walking Heaven Blues and Walking Heaven Blues with Inversions and How To Read It VideoMystery Piece (Broken Up L.I.S.).jpg

Claude's Moon.jpg

Claude's Moon embellished.jpg

Down Down Blues-1.jpg

Down Down Blues with C9-2.jpg




 Nothing Is Sure - with pentatonic .jpg

Nothing Is Sure - Second Verse.jpg

Walking_Heaven_Blues - with 7ths.jpg

Walking_Heaven_Blues - With Inversions.jpg