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If you've ever been to a PianoEasy class you know that everyone has some musical ability. Playing an instrument doesn't come naturally to everyone, but everyone who can hear a melody or see a rhythm being played has a basic understanding of how music is created.

It's a shame that, despite this, so many people are apprehensive about playing music. That's why Make Music Day exists. 

Make Music Day invites everybody to be a musician. It began in France in 1982 and has spread worldwide, so that in more than 120 countries, the summer solstice is a day where music is unavoidable and everybody plays.

To shed some light on the scale of the event, here are some examples of events that have been held in America:

  • Road to Nowhere (participants bring a device that can receive FM signal. They all tune into a frequency broadcasting Road to Nowhere by Talking Heads and march down the street together with their devices at full volume)
  • Accordionathon (exactly what it sounds like)
  • Louie Louie Play Along (anyone owning an instrument meets in public and plays Louie Louie by the Kingsmen)
  • Shower Singing (a claw-footed bath with a shower curtain around it is set up in a town square so people can sing in it as loudly as they want and feel like they're alone)
  • Stevie Wonder Piano Bar (a truck fitted out with a keyboard and PA system travels around to 5 locations. At each stop, songbooks and microphones are passed out to the crowd and everyone sings Stevie Wonder songs)

If you're keen to join in with some amazing events like these, the good news is that Australia joined in Make Music Day for the first time on the 21st of June 2018. There were 100 events held in 80 locations across the country, and hopefully there'll be even more next year.

Keen to get involved? Check out Make Music Australia or see how other countries have been making music together.


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