The PianoEasy Program

PianoEasy students start by learning a beautiful two handed piece every week or two ranging from the latest hit songs to contemporary melodies to old classics. They’ll learn some jazz, they’ll learn some blues. They’ll learn how to improvise and how to make up songs. From early on they will learn the mechanics of their instrument and good piano playing technique and they will become familiar with what their music looks like on the page. Within no time they will know all their chords, so they can sing and accompany themselves with any song they like.

Within one – three years of lessons and regular playing students know how to source, read, make up and arrange any song or piece of music they like. They will understand key signature, rhythm, and advanced theory.

After three – five years students will know how to play the piano for the rest of their lives. They will be able to play in bands or duets with others and teach friends and family.

After five  – seven years students will be superb players, able to do anything. They may well decide to become PianoEasy teachers.