About Anneka

I absolutely love the piano and I love teaching it. I have played the piano as long as I can remember, it’s what I do for work and in my spare time and it’s what I love thinking and talking about. I love sharing music with others when I teach, perform or play with other people.

I was lucky to learn to play in an un-traditional way, learning how to sound out songs and play long before I learned how to read. I played in a band as a teenager and financed my studies by playing the piano in hotels, restaurants and on a cruise ship. After finishing my degree I first ran groups in personal and professional development, but soon switched to teaching a playing based piano program, and over 15 years hundreds of my students became way better players than I was at their age.

I welcomed with delight the advance of the internet and the possibilities it offered for learning and teaching the piano.

My philosophy is to help everyone share and celebrate their strengths, interests and talents and to help them identify and address whatever isn’t working for them in their playing.   I always endeavour to create a positive and fun atmosphere for learning.